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Your Primary Home

As Realtors we define a primary residence as your home, home base, homestead, and the address you have on your tax return forms 2 out of the last 5 years.  


Most of our clients define a primary residence as home, casa, place they land after a long day, where the kids come after school, a statement of their personality, place to recharge and be inspired, etc.  

This category of real estate is very exciting because it usually involves a large personal and financial investment!  We love being your trusted advisors for something so personal.

Which one are you: buyer/seller/ both?  


Follow the highlights below to see how we can provide value to you in you.


Are you thinking about selling your home?  

Are you shopping for a realtor team to help you?  


You came to right place. We are here to educate you and help you make the decisions that work best for you. What is your biggest concern in selling your home?  


Here is what we have found to be our clients to priorities:

  • Getting the highest possible price for their home.

  • Minimizing stress levels and maximizing comfort during the sale.

  • Having a game plan and a clear communication and expectations each step of the way. 

We like to work as a team to create a game plan for success where we all work together. If you are ready, reach out to us for a consultation where we can show you successful methods to reaching your home selling goals.

Click below for your complimentary Sellers Guide!



Are you thinking about buying a home?

Is this your first home purchase in the last few years?

Do you know where to start?  


Don't worry, we can help you organize and clarify the entire buying process.  


Many of our clients like that we provide the following:

  • Initial consultation to establish goals

  • The Grand Tour to look at all the areas in Santa Cruz County to identify ideal neighborhoods, topography, climate, community vibes, commute times, and more…

  • A clear game plan from start to finish

Click below for your complimentary Buyers Guide!


First Time Buyers

Is this your first time buying a home?  


Oh boy, this is an exciting time!  


Since you haven't been through the entire process before, we work exceptionally hard on making sure you understand all the many step to purchasing a home. 


We have been and we know how important it is to have a trusted team around you to educate you, check in with you, and create a clear path towards your goals.


Let's be real, this is our full-time job, not yours. We know you have a busy life, but we make this process as seamless as possible. Are you ready?  Give us a call, we are excited to help you!

Click here for your complimentary Buyers Guide!

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