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Your Investment

Are you currently or ready to use real estate as an investment tool?  Do you like passive income?  Residual income?  A tax write off?  


Real estate is an excellent form in which to build your personal wealth.


 Santa Cruz County hosts a variety of investment opportunities from monthly cash flow to long term appreciation.  


Which one are you: buyer/seller/ both?  


Follow the highlights below to see how we can provide value for you. 


Are you thinking about selling an investment property?

Are you shopping for a realtor team to help you?  


You came to right place.

We are here to educate you and help you make the decisions that work best for you.  What is your biggest concern in selling your home?  


Here is what we have found to be our clients to priorities:

  • Have you consulted with your CPA or tax advisor?

  • Are you interested in a tax deferred sale such as a 1031 exchange or other options?

  • Do you need to sell this tax year?

  • Are you looking to get the highest possible price for your property?

  • Is this a flip?


We like to work as a team to create a game plan for success where we all work together. If you are ready, reach out to us for a consultation where we can show you successful methods to reaching your investment property selling goals.

Download your complimentary Sellers Guide!



If you have gotten to this page you most likely have been looking for ways to build personal wealth through real estate. We are here to help guide you.  


There are many avenues to consider but first have you considered the following:

  • Consult with a CPA or tax advisor

  • Idea of income your looking for

  • Time frame for your ROI: 

    • Quick turn around on your investment (for example a flip) 

    • Long term investment (for example apartments or buy and hold for a residential property)

We are here to give you clear game plan from start to finish centered around your investment goals. 


Are you ready to get started?

Here's your complimentary Buyers Guide!

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